The Finishing Line

Class Teaching


In recent weeks there have been lots of conversations in school, on Twitter and on teacher blogs about preparing Y11 for the ‘final push’ ahead of their summer exams.  So, as a timely reminder,  I thought it would be useful to try and gather together some of the key things we can be doing to help them through to the ‘finishing line’.

  1. Focused – Do they know where they are in realtion to their target grades, and the key things they need to be working on in order to achieve it?
  2. Familiar – Are they familiar with the format and layout of the exam paper in your subject?
  3. Basics – Do they know the key exam skills required for success in your subject? e.g. identiying the command words in questions, how to use connectives, how to use sources, data, text extracts etc.
  4. Organised – Do they know the dates and times of…

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