Purposeful e-Learning

Really interesting read. Our science department uses e-learning very effectively. We have a class set of departmental iPads and students use them for Memrise, Quizlet and Tassomai. This is having some quite profound results in some cases. We also have CGP apps to aide students through specific Q&As. We have had 15 minute forums for staff on Memrise, Quizlet, Pinterest and creating QR codes. Students are far more exposed to these now, along with Socrative in other subject areas. Developing students as bloggers is something that I’m very keen on so I’m going to check out edublog. I trailed Edmodo with a Yr11 class but take up was low. Thanks for the blog.

Class Teaching


The 15 minute forum tonight was lead by Assistant Headteacher Pete Kelly.  Pete started the session with a question:

What happens when a teacher uses technology in a lesson?

The responses were varied:

  • Students are entertained but are not always learning effectively.
  • It depends on how effectively it is used?
  • It can enhance learning as it gives them extra support.

All of which are perfectly valid.  The key thing to ask is ‘what knowledge & skills do I want the students to learn?’  Followed by ‘how might technology help them with this?’   Unfortunately it’s often done the other way round, with technology being used for the sake of it – if it’s not going to be useful, don’t use it!

Questions that are often raised about using technology in school

  • How do we know they are not being distracted when using their smart phones etc?
  • How do we know…

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