Why GCSE Science Assessment Is Broken – and the struggle to fix it!

Very interesting.

Ian McDaid

Lets begin with Ellie.  Ellie probably achieved a level 4 at KS2, may have reached a high level 5 by the end of KS3, and chose to study only Core science at GCSE. Now Ellie probably has a target grade of a C for GCSE.  At the moment she will have to do some controlled assessment that counts as 25% of her overall Core science mark.

Now lets have a look at what happens if Ellie sits an AQA Core science ISA.  She completes her first ISA and scores 20/50 = 4o UMS marks.  She then tried really hard and on her next ISA improves by 10 marks.  She now has 57 UMS marks, an increase of 17 UMS.  Her friend Brad scores 35/50 at his first attempt = 70 UMS marks.  On his second attempt he also improves by 10 marks.  He now has 100 UMS marks, an increase of 30…

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