Dedicated Improvement & Reflection Time

One thing I am currently trying to embed into all of my lessons is DIRT which stands for Dedicated Improvement and Reflection Time (through assessment AS learning).

As the process of learning is a journey, DIRT is about raising awareness about this process by reminding students frequently to check their learning process and progress. What have you learnt? How far have you travelled towards the learning outcome?

I use it at the start of a lesson when marked work is returned to students. DIRT gives them the opportunity to read my feedback and ‘write back to me’ (in green pen) improving on their work. (Almost a quality control moment!) This massively relies on the quality of the marking being good (otherwise students have nothing to respond effectively to!)

Working to redraft, improve and amend following constructive criticism is a vital part of the learning journey. It also gives the students more control and responsibility for the outcomes. It can be used as a mini-plenary during a lesson or after home works have been completed.

Feel free to get down & DIRT(y)!


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